Join the Soup Stroll

What better way to spend a brisk Sunday afternoon than join the High Street Hill Association Soup Stroll, Sunday, December 4th from 4-6 pm. Enjoy 6 delicious soups in 3 neighborhood locations. Strollers should arrive at the home of Kim Ozaki 8 Upland Rd, #2 at 4 pm. At 4:35 pm we will stroll to the home of Nancy Peabody 1162 Walnut St. and at 5:10 pm we move on to our final stop at the home of Michele Sommer 203 Pond Ave. 2 Different soups will be served at each location. Join to meet friends old and new, and appreciate different parts of the neighborhood, while tasting culinary wonders. RSVP

112 thoughts on “Join the Soup Stroll

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