Sounds and Scenes Family Festival
June 7, 2008 at Leverett Pond in Olmsted Park

Sounds and Scenes poster designed by Kristin Leader. Press release (pdf) from Olmsted NHS.

Photographs by Frances Shedd Fisher. Click on images for larger view.
The HSHA Reading Circle,
a great hit with kids and parents.
Lorraine and Bennett Hammond
entertaining the crowd.
Ranger Alan Banks from Olmsted NHS
with “Mr. Olmsted” (Gerry Wright).
Kids making art.
BGSA and HSHA table
with Edward Hsieh and Rob Daves.
Future tree huggers from the neighborhood.
Reading Circle.
Visitor from the South End being introduced to Phoebe from the Brook House.
Reading Circle.
Reading Circle.

27 thoughts on “Sounds and Scenes Family Festival
June 7, 2008 at Leverett Pond in Olmsted Park

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