Houses of the Neighborhood

The Pill Hill Local Historic District: The Story of a Neighborhood

Walking tour guide to neighborhood architecture.

Pill Hill paintings by Virginia Jacobs.

Dewing Murals at 76 High Street.

Window Restoration Workshop (April 10, 2010) notes.

Preservation Awards:
36 Allerton Street,
22 Irving Street.

On the following pages, you will find photographs of all the houses within the Pill Hill
Local Historic District. Photographs are from the Town of Brookline’s
Assessors Office.
Dates built and architects are from
Brookline’s Historic Places: A Compilation of Brookline Properties
published by the Brookline Preservation Commission in 1995
(Brookline Public Library: [Brookline Room] 974 B873bh).

Most houses were built between 1870 and 1930. The oldest was built in 1798 and the newest in 2005.

View houses by street:
Acron RoadAllerton Street

Cumberland Avenue

Cypress Street

Edgehill Road

Glen Road

Hall Road

Hawthorn RoadHigh Street

Highland Road

Irving Street

Maple Street

Oakland Road

Pond AvenueUpland Road

Vogel Terrace

Walnut Street

Walnut Place

Wellington Terrace

To find similar information about all Brookline buildings, visit the
Brookline Building and Historic Site Search page.

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