Town Census 1844

Woodward, Elijah F.
Roads, &c. in the Town of Brookline.

(Brookline Public Library: [Brookline Room] 352.8 W9)

This census was taken in 1844 after the annexation of the area
between High Street and the Muddy River.
Street distance information outside the HSHA area has been omitted.
Otherwise, the document is reproduced in its entirety.

Tables, Showing Distances on the Several Streets in the Town of Brookline,
as surveyed in the year 1844, by E. F. Woodward.

Boylston Street   Rods
From Cypress Street to Dr. Shurtleff’s 36 2/5
  to Artemas Newell’s 26 3/5
  to Thomas Kendall’s 3
  to Hay Scales 78
  to Elm Tree near Junction of Boylston and Walnut Streets 8 3/5
Walnut Street   Rods Links
From Cypress Street to H. W. Carr’s 44 14
  to B. Guild’s Avenue 22 21
  to Miss Ervin’s 20 11
  to George Brewer’s 42 11
  to Elm, at Junction, – End of Garden 40 4
Cypress Street   Rods Links
From Walnut to Boylston Streets 36 23

Total Number of Dwelling Houses in Brookline, Inhabitable, 7th October, 1844,
when the Census was completed, 212.

Streets, named in the foregoing Tables,
supported by the Town of Brookline, as follows, viz.-
  Rods Links
Boylston Street – length, 855 15
Heath Street, 612 17
Penniman’s Lane, 67 15
Walnut Street, 307 17
Warren Street, 379 10
Cottage Street, 112 12
Clyde Street, 290 6
Newton Street, 649 3
South Street, 275 19
Brighton Street, 242 22
Washington Street, 528 20
Harvard Street, 428 8
School Street, 56 14
Cyresss Street 150 10
Cross Street, by T. W. Wellington’s, 46 20
Total, 5004 17
or 15 Miles. 2 Qrs. 44 Rods. 17 Links.

All other Streets named in this survey are private ways, not supported at public expense.

By the first known Census of the inhabitants of Brookline,
supposed to be about 1790, the number was 518.
By the United States Census, in 1800, it was 605.
  1810, 784.
  1820, 900.
  1830, 1040.
  1840, 1265.

Brookline was incorporated 13th November O. S. 1705.

Before this date it belonged to Boston, and was commonly called Muddy River,
from its eastern boundary separating it from Roxbury.

In May, 1790, the Town was surveyed by Mr. Jonathan Kingsbury, Jr., of Needham,
and found to contain 4416 acres.

On 10th November, 1714, the first Meeting-house of
the Congregational Church and Society was raised.

The second Meeting-house for said Church and Society was dedicated on 11th June, 1806.

The Baptist Meeting-house, in Brookline, was dedicated on 20th November, 1828.

The Harvard Church House of Worship was dedicated on 21st August, 1844.

The Act to annex part of Roxbury, usually called the Punch-Bowl Village, to Brookline,
was approved by his Excellency George N. Briggs, 24th February, 1844.

With this addition, by the Census taken by order of the Selectmen of Brookline,
which was completed on 7th October, 1844, the population amounted to 1682.
Of these the addition from the Punch-Bowl Village amounted to 83 males and 72 females — 155.

By the survey of Deacon Elijah F. Woodward, of Newton,
in 1844 the town was found to contain 4605 acres.