1958 Bylaws

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(original text: adopted Jan 27, 1958)


The name of this organization shall be the “High Street Hill Association.”


The object of this Association shall be to foster and promote the common interests of the residents, property owners and others interested in the welfare of the High Street Hill area.


1. Eligibility.

The membership of this Association shall be open to all property owners and residents of the High Street Hill area who meet the qualifications for membership hereinafter described. Any person, however, who does not meet such qualifications but who is interested in the welfare of the area may, upon approval by the Executive Board, be admitted to membership in the Association.

The term “High Street Hill Area” shall consist of that general area of Brookline, Massachusetts, through which High Street runs. The Executive Board shall, as soon as practicable after its first meeting, designate in detail the actual boundaries of the Area.

A “Family membership” shall be that category of membership open to bona fide residents and resident owners of the Area and their respective families. Although any person of eighteen years of age or older shall be entitled in all other respects to the full privileges of membership, each family unit shall be entitled to cast, in the aggregate, only one vote in all matters affecting the Association.

An “individual membership” shall be that category of membership open to bona fide absentee-owners of property in the Area and to bona fide residents of the Area, of eighteen years of age or older, who are not eligible to participate in any of the privileges of family membership. Each individual member of the Association shall be entitled to cast one vote in all matters affecting the Association.

2. Dues.

Annual dues shall be two dollars for each family or individual membership.

3. Meetings.

The Annual Meeting of the Association, for the election of officers and transaction of other business, shall be held in January at such time and at such place as the Executive Board shall direct. Other meetings may be called at the discretion of the Executive Board or upon the written request to the Executive Board of ten members of the Association.

4. Quorum and Voting.

Twenty members of the Association shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business by the Association, and a majority vote of those represented in person at any meeting duly called shall be necessary to carry any vote, unless otherwise prescribed in these Bylaws.


1. Number and Duties.

There shall be elected by the members from their number a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and seven Directors. Such officers and directors shall comprise the Executive Board which shall be charged with the determination and administration of the policy of the Association.

The Executive Board shall, furthermore, have the right to make the final determination in respect to any dispute or disagreement concerning rights or obligations set forth in these Bylaws or concerning the interpretation to be given to any provision thereof.

2. Election of Officers and Directors.

The officers and directors shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and shall hold office for the term of one (1) year from the date of election or until their successors are duly elected and qualified. Any vacancy in the Executive Board during the year shall be filled by the Executive Board.

3. Meetings of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board shall meet at least semi-annually, at such times and in such places as the President shall designate. Four [NOTE: see original document for possible written change] members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.


At least sixty days before the Annual Meeting the President shall appoint a committee of five members, none of whom shall be officers or members of the Executive Board, to bring in nominations for officers and directors at the next Annual Meeting. The nominating committee shall report its nominations to the Secretary at least thirty days before the annual Meeting, and the Secretary shall include the names of the persons so nominated in the notice of the Annual Meeting. Additional nominations may be made upon the written petition of any ten or more members, submitted to the Secretary or President at any time before the Annual Meeting is called to order.


These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of those present at any meeting duly called for such purpose or at the annual Meeting, a quorum being present. The Amendment must be recommended by the Executive Board or must have been presented to the Executive Board with the signature of ten members. In either case, the Executive Board shall cause a copy of the Amendment to be sent with the call for the meeting to every member at least one week prior to the date of the meeting.

Adopted at a meeting of the Association on 27 Jan. 1958.

[NOTE: Map attached to original document showing Boundaries of High St. Hill Assn. and notation “Voted by Exec. Board April, 1958”]