Brookline Village Walking Tours
A Guide to the Styles

One may often admire old buildings but be unable to identify the style or the terms for specific architectural details. The purpose of this brief guide is to increase one’s familiarty with the main stylistic traditions in Brookline Village. The dates for the styles provide a range, suggesting the years when each experienced its greatest popularity.

Do not expect buildings in the Brookline Village area to exhibit all or only those features delineated in the sketches. As one becomes familiar with each style, one will also observe the varied stylistic interpretations and the frequent overlapping of styles. As a result, many buildings defy labels. Rather they often represent transitional periods when one style was blending into another. Or they may exhibit the conscious combination of unrelated stylistic elements, occasionally the product of pure whimsy or eccentricity.

Federal 1780-1830

Federal Style

Greek Revival 1825-1850

Greek Revival Style

Italianate 1845-1860

Italianate Style

Stick 1855-1875

Stick Style

Second Empire 1860-1880

Second Empire Style

Panel Brick 1870-1880

Panel Brick Style

Queen Anne 1875-1895

Queen Anne Style

Shingle 1880-1895

Shingle Style

Georgian Revival 1895-1930

Georgian Revival Style